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Olvídese de compromiso – un nuevo Chevrolet Orlando demuestra que la belleza y la flexibilidad en realidad puede existir en un solo lugar. Chevrolet Orlando es un vehículo que ofrece la funcionalidad de 7 asientos y espacio de tronco grande, mientras que proporciona el estilo a través de su innegable una mirada audaz. Con todas las características de seguridad, el Chevrolet Orlando no sólo ofrece una buena protección, pero tiene un gran rendimiento y características. Si usted tiene una vida activa, o si tiene una familia grande, el Chevrolet Orlando se ajusta a su estilo de vida, sino también en términos de sensibilidad de diseño.

Chevrolet Orlando 2012 review 2 Chevrolet Orlando 2012 review

The design is a very important property of a Chevrolet Orlando, giving the appearance that usually does not find the vehicle with 7 asientos. The sculpted body, with pronounced wheel arches, giving the silhouette of the carwheels outside and inside the body.The car becomes efekatan and elegant, yetmuscular”, which gives the Orlando real phenomenon. The interior finish of Orlando-VOG dual cockpit in black, complemented by a stylish blue light, providing a subtle touch of sophistication. Controls are well placed and easy to read, effortlessly communicating key information to the driver, and the other passengers.

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Orlando seven-seater has a number of options for passengers and luggage transporta total of more than 30 seating combinations. Seven seats are distributed in three rowssecond row boasts functionality because the seats are folded 60/40, while all other seats can be individually folded. Choose a combination that suits you best. Place all the seats except the driver, to increase the already very large area for luggage, create variations of existing storage space and create enough space to transport large loads.

Under the hood there is a choice of three of Chevrolet’s fuel efficient engines, one gasoline and two diesels. All engines are transversely mounted 4-cylinder units with double overhead camshafts, 16 valves and either multi-point fuel injection, or in the case of the diesels, common rail technology. All the engines have a cast-iron cylinder block and alloy head.

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The one gasoline engine available at launch is a 1.8 liter which produces 141 hp at 6200rpm and 176Nm of torque at 3800rpm. Maximum speed for this version is 185kph. Emissions and fuel economy from the 1.8 gasoline are competitive with emissions at 172g/km and consumption at 7.3 liters/100km.

The two diesel engines are of the same displacement but tuned to give different power outputs and drive characteristics. The heart of both engines is a 2.0-liter with 4 valves per cylinder and common rail injection fuel system. Sin embargo, the more powerful of the two produces 163 hp at 3800rpm and offers 360Nm of torque at 2000rpm. The second output version has 130 hp and 315Nm at the same engine speeds.

Maximum speed of the Chevrolet Orlando for the diesel engine with 130 hp is 180kph and with 163 hp is 195kph. Emissions and fuel economy are at 159g/km and 6 liters/100km, respectivamente, for both.

Chevrolet Orlando 2012 review 5 Chevrolet Orlando 2012 review

Inside and out, the Chevrolet Orlando is designed to protect you and your companions. Front, side and roof airbags are standard, as well as the safety cage and traction control system, to assist in emergency braking and cornering. Children were treated with two rear ISOFIX child seat system, also within the standard.


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