Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review


Volkswagen’s plan is that by 2018, becoming the world’s largest automaker. By the end of October, the German giant worldwide even sold 7.5 million vehicles, making it still puts in third place behind Toyota and General Motors, but the difference is smaller than ever before. Basically satisfying their line of cars, Volkswagen is now turning more SUVs and crossover vehicles, and one such product is introduced to the Auto Show in Sao Paulo.

Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review 2 Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review

Brazilian market is growing rapidly and the German giant certainly wants him to leave a significant area. GS model is by far the best-selling in this market, and the audience is now presented Taigun concept, whose competition will be Mini Countryman, Nissan Juke, Ford Ecosport and the Opel Mokka. Production model, which is scheduled to appear in sales by 2015, will also serve as the basis for similar vehicles marked with the Audi, SEAT and Skoda, and has now confirmed that it will be sold in Europe, South America and Asia. Taigun is based on extended Volkswagenovoj NSF (New Small Family) platform.

Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review 3 Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review

With a length of 3.859 mm, a width of 1.728 mm and a height of 1.570 mm, Taigun is 566 mm shorter, 82 mm narrower and 130 mm lower than the larger model Tiguan. This concept provides the only front traction, as the drive to all four wheels is not yet available, but they will be available when production model ready for sale. From the design, Volkswagen’s chief designer Klaus Bischoff says Taigun provides a clean, logical and safe design and a similar figure can be expected in other major products of the company next year.

Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review 4 Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review

As for the interior, it is inspired by the latest smart phones and Volkswagen’s typical style is a high quality, readable and easy to use. Under the hood is a turbocharged 1.0L I3 engine with 108 hp and 175 Nm of torque, which will also run up since the GT and the power is transmitted to the wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. That was enough to pull the 985-pound SUV to 100 km / h of 9.2 seconds, providing a top speed of 186 km / h and a combined consumption of 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review 5 Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review

Production model will, of course, have long offered gasoline and diesel engines and transmissions in several choice. Taigun for now it seems like a logical move by the German giant, whose European division was hit hard by the economic crisis, and so customers are increasingly turning to smaller, more economical models. The only question is whether this small SUV to get time and will be able to experience the nadoknati competition already has.

Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review 6 Volkswagen Taigun 2014 review

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