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Seat has introduced great new Seat Leon model. This model perfectly combines beauty and practicality. Completely redesigned from the fundamentals, the third generation Seat Leon brings superior technology, uses the perfect chassis, advanced information and entertainment system, and sophisticated driver assistance systems.trans Seat Leon 2013 review

Seat Leon 2013 review 2 Seat Leon 2013 review

Availability of LED lights for the new third generation marks the first time this option for a Seat models. The new Seat Leon is a vehicle with a sporty character and a wide range of power. He brings quality and technology, full-size vehicles in the compact model. Leon is a big step when it comes to progress this strategy, the Spanish manufacturer.

This model will appear later this year as a hatchback with five doors and get more options in a wide range of models. With all-new Leon, a Spanish manufacturer has developed a car that perfectly justifies the meaning of the concept of driving pleasure.

Seat Leon 2013 review 3 Seat Leon 2013 review

This model delivers a complex mix of design, technology, athletic performance and premium quality in order to meet existing users and attract new generation of car buyers, for this brand. Each drive unit of this model is among the best in class in terms of efficiency and emissions, with the peak of the 1.6 TDI with start / stop technology. Its average fuel consumption is 3.8 L/100km with emissions of 99 g / km.

The new Seat Leon is a brand new car and a new chapter for the Spanish brand. It combines a dynamic new Seat design language with the latest technologies. Fine details and precision design, especially when it comes to interior design reflects a high standard of skills of designers who worked on the new Leon.

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Seat Leon runs a series of powerful and efficient TDI and TSI engines range from 1.2 to 2.0L. All engines are equipped with direct injection and turbocharging, and also all the features and minimal internal friction and heat. Compared to previous models, fuel consumption is reduced by 22%.

Version 1.6 TDU generates 104 hp and 250Nm of torque. The Ecomotive version of the start / stop system and braking energy recovery, this model uses, above 3.8 L/100km. Extensively revised 2.0 TDI provides fuel consumption of just 4.0 L/100km in the Ecomotive version with 148 hp and 320Nm of torque.

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