Skoda Octavia 2013 review


Skoda has officially unveiled the third generation of the Octavia. Limuzna expected increased, and the wheelbase has been increased by almost 11 cm.  The new Octavia model is the first Czech company, which is based on a new, easy Volkswagenovoj MQB platform. As previously announced, in comparison with the previous version, Octavia III increased in length and width.

Skoda Octavia 2013 review 2 Skoda Octavia 2013 review

The car is now long 4.659mm, which is 90 mm more than in the second generation, a wide 1814 mm, an increase of 45 mm. Yet what is most important when it comes to the functionality of the new model is to increase the wheelbase, which now is 2.686mm, which is up to 108 mm more than the current version yet.  This increase will mainly affect the area that will be available to the passengers in the rear. Skoda Octavia say that III have the largest space in the class when it comes to the length of the cabin (1,782 mm) and the largest trunk whose volume 590 liters.

Skoda Octavia 2013 review 3 Skoda Octavia 2013 review

In addition to the increased dimensions of the car, Skoda has endeavored to make the car look sleeker and smoother, both outside as well as inside. As for equipment, the idea was to expand the range, so that the customers are available and cheaper, basic version, but more expensive, luxury variants.   For the first time in the Octavia is available adaptive cruise control and a system that recognizes traffic signs. As an option there is a panoramic roof and Driving Mode Selection command to select various modes of travel.

Skoda Octavia 2013 review 4 Skoda Octavia 2013 review

Skoda Octavia III arrives on the European market in spring 2013, with a choice of eight power units. From gasoline to offer, among others, the 1.4-liter TSI and the 122 hp engine and the 1.8 liter TSI unit with 180 hp.  Skoda point and 1.6-liter TDI GreenLine version in which develops 110 hp, with an average fuel consumption of just 3.4 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 89 g / km.

Engines will be paired with a manual or DSG dual clutch gearbox, is preparing a version with all-wheel drive.  End of 2013. appears and sporty RS model, which will drive the same 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine that is designed for the new VW Golf GTI. World premiere Skoda Octavia III will have the Motor Show in Geneva in March 2013, and during the same year will be presented and wagon versions.

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